A Blue Jay’s Study Grades 4-6



Join Cluster the Squirrel as she hears the shrilling sound of a red-tailed hawk! When she cautiously peeks her tiny head out of her hiding place, Cluster realizes the alarming noise isn’t from that mean, old Mr. Hawk after all.  Discover delightful facts about Blue Jays as Cluster diligently writes an inquisitive letter to her wise Grandma Squirrel.

In A Blue Jay’s Study, explore creative writing by studying and creating cinquain poetry. Examples of cinquain poems and visuals encourage a wonderful writing experience for your writer. Enjoy pleasant nature-themed and watercolor illustrations.

Also included in A Blue Jay’s Study:

An author study about the notable children’s author, Thornton Burgess!

Living book recommendations

Nature Study

Picture Study

Coloring Pages

35 pages

Peek into this engaging study by checking out my blog. You will find a sample letter written by Cluster the Squirrel, facts about Blue Jays, poetry, and so much more!


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